More than a project, our goal is helping you do better.

Team Ascendio

Once upon a time

In the beginning there was a simple, yet lofty vision: invest ourselves in projects that matter, with people we care about, for causes bigger than ourselves. Year after year. Project after project. We're a small team of web pros living the dream.

Not by web alone

The web is transient & digital footprints quickly vanish. We are privileged to work with clients & projects that focus on impact beyond a single online experience. Delivering value, not just deliverables, is at the heart of what we do.

Know & grow

We continuously hone our craft, refine our process & enjoy the journey on the way. We aren't chasing the competition or trying to set the next trend. We care about doing good work & living life to the fullest.

What to expect from Ascendio

  • Excellence, sans arrogance.
  • The truth first, then our opinion.
  • Quick to listen, slow to speak.
  • Seek clarity before agreement.
  • Uncompromising standards.
  • We keep our promises.
  • chris-mechsner

    Chris Mechsner

    Chief of Technology

    Chris is a technology savant, but his passion is building relationships & making an impact. Chris believes clients should understand how to leverage technology, not merely install it. A teacher at heart, Chris is gifted at demystifying the complex & empowering people to make wise decisions.

  • stephen-boudreau

    Stephen Boudreau

    Chief of Strategy & UX

    Stephen conceives, designs & refines the solutions we deliver. He cultivates deep understanding with clients & pinpoints how to best serve their needs. Stephen believes in the value & beauty of simplicity. He challenges assumptions, deconstructs processes & cheerfully obsesses over user experience.

  • christan-myers-russell

    Christan Myers-Russell

    Director of Front End Development

    Christan is a developer comprised in equal measures of brilliance & kindness. Always reading, always learning, always improving. Christan is motivated to make each day count & every project our best. As if that wasn't enough, she does it all with a smile.